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How Does the Trakheesi System Work?

Navigate ToReal Estate LicenceReal Estate PermitE-card for brokers The Trakheesi system is an online portal which offers a wide range of services to the real estate agents and professional stakeholders. Let’s explore more about this

How to Renew Your Driving Licence in Dubai?

Driving license is a fundamental requirement for operating a motor vehicle on public roads in the UAE. Besides indicating that you’re eligible for driving, it is used as an identity in emergency situations. If your driving license has…

A Guide to Gratuity Calculation UAE

Navigate to:Why is it Important to Calculate Gratuity Pay?Types of Employment Contract in the UAEGratuity Pay calculation for Limited ContractGratuity Pay calculation for Unlimited Contract According to the employment laws in the

Latest Directives for Hosting Events in Dubai

Navigate to:Guidelines for Hosting Small EventsGuidelines for Hosting Large EventsGuidelines for Hosting Business Events Our first and foremost advice to people attending or hosting social events in Dubai during a pandemic is to

How to Check Credit Score in the UAE

Getting a loan or credit card are essential stepping stones in any responsible adult’s life. As such, having ‘good credit’ can help a person get ahead in life in all manner of financial matters. Whether you want to take a loan, or get a