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The New Dubai Metro Stations Receive Thumbs Up From Commuters

The New Dubai Metro Stations Receive Thumbs Up From Commuters

Dubai metro users have had a tough time commuting through metro stations from the neighbourhood. 

Four new metro stations in Dubai have currently opened. The moment stations were opened, a faction of interested citizens walked in to experience the new route and issued their views to a recent news release. 

“Before, if we had to ride the Metro (from Discovery Gardens), we had to go to the Ibn Battuta station. And it used to get so crowded. The opening of these stations will help a lot, as there are residential areas there and quite a number of students live there as well,” said Hafsa Zaheer, a Dubai Metro user who just moved to Barsha Heights.

Names of the stations that Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) just opened on Friday are listed below:

  1. Jebel Ali
  2. The Gardens
  3. Discovery Gardens
  4. Al Furjan 

The exciting part is that these are new additions to RTA’s route 2020 Metro extension adding to Dubai’s amazing urban transportation service. 

Hafsa also added, “Since it used to be tough to commute to the remote areas, the bus will also ease the crowd. And with the Expo coming up, it will help tourists as well. Now, they wouldn’t need to rent a car and will have easy access. It is a very smart decision by the RTA.”

Hafsa has witnessed the beginning of Dubai Metro station. She was raised in this city and she had experienced travelling Metro since it was first operated in 2009,  “When I joined university in 2010, I used to travel from Stadium to UAE Exchange. I had to switch buses and commuting was a bit hard as it used to take two hours. But with the Metro, the time taken to commute has reduced.”

In the meantime, Sanket Sarnobat from Mumbai who is a public transport user was very curious to explore these new route stations,  “It is wonderful to start the year with something new. I’ve been here for five years now and I use the Metro regularly. Dubai has a wonderful public transport system and adding new stations will help a lot of commuters like us.”

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