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DLD Fines Top Realty Firms for Failure to Meet Advertisement Requirements

DLD Fines Top Realty Firms for Failure to Meet Advertisement Requirements

The Dubai Land Department (DLD), in accordance with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), has initiated a program targeted to audit advertisers in the realm of Emirati real estate. The program hopes to consistently make certain that all parties concerned in a property transaction strictly follow the regulations enforced in the UAE, thus the DLD fines companies which do not fall in line with their advertisement requirements.

As per this program, the DLD fines got levied on 10 different real estate firms and 30 other companies got warnings for their failure to follow advertisement guidelines. According to the DLD, these efforts are made to foster a safe and fully legal environment for investment and other real estate activities in the UAE.

Furthermore, the DLD fines are valued at AED 50,000 each, and continued in compliance with proper regulation may lead to the cancellation of the company’s real estate license. According to the recent audit, the violations were primarily of three kinds:

  1. Firms failing to obtain advertisement permits
  2. Advertising permit numbers being manipulated
  3. Companies using expired advertising permits

To combat such problems, RERA has launched various programs to caution the people about the many forms of advertisement fraud in the real estate market, particularly unlicensed advertisement being spread through social media. To this end, RERA released the Trakheesi system via DLD’s official website, which serves as a dedicated real estate advert permit service.

It is mandatory for all real estate firms operating in the city of Dubai to apply for an advert permit via the Trakheesi system, if they want to legitimately publish any realty advertisement within the United Arab Emirates.

Companies looking to launch advertisement campaigns need to include their individual advertising permit number in all their prospective ads, and the advertisements themselves need to be in accordance with RERA regulations.

As far as online adverts are concerned, any website ads are to be associated with links containing authentic information.

The director of the Real Estate Licensing Department at DLD Ali Abdulla Al Ali said:

“Rera is keen to ensure that all companies adhere to real estate permits and that customers are being provided with the best services. The main objective of this campaign is not limited to violating companies; it also seeks to preserve the rights of all parties, provide quality services, and limit false advertisements. In doing so, we encourage brokers to adhere to the rules and regulations, which will lead to a reduction in complaints we receive. We are committed to providing information easily and conveniently to customers, ensuring their happiness and helping them make the right decisions.”

Failure to abide by RERA regulation will lead to heavy DLD fines and further legalities. To make certain that all the information is legitimate, users are recommended to use the Dubai REST application.

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