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UAE Envisions Full Fleet by the End of 2021

UAE Envisions Full Fleet by the End of 2021

As the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines restores the confidence in travel, UAE expects its full fleet returning of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s to be functional by the end of this year. 

A lot of countries from across the world have initiated or declared courses to vaccinate residents. With some trust, they can immunise a majority of their population. 

President Tim Clark of Emirates stated that a vaccination course could introduce significance for the travel industry, which has been affected badly in 2020.

Emirates President Tim Clark postponed his retirement to fight pandemic. He did not imagine that the COVID-19 virus situation would get out of hand and delay the recovery.

Reporting to Reuters in an interview, he said, “I think we always anticipated a bumpy patch,”.

“Once the pandemic is over and the global inoculation programme has kicked in at pace, then I see the restoration and a recapture of activity curves in all aspects of the global economy at pace, probably in the middle to back end of this year.”

At present, UAE is flying 17 out of its 115 A380s and 137 out of 160 of its 777s and some passenger jets running as cargo planes.

Compared to 157 destinations pre-pandemic, Emirates now is flying to 120 destinations.

“We’re in a good place with the fleet that we have, albeit not as highly utilised as it was prior to the pandemic, to start operating again as soon as the doors open with regards to accessibility to the markets,” Clark said.

Emirates, which reported a $3.4 billion half-year loss and received $2 billion from the Dubai government to help it through the crisis, will report a full-year loss for the year ending March 31, he said.