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List of Most Beautiful Mosques in Dubai


Jumeirah Grand Mosque
Al Farooq Mosque
Abdul Rahman Mosque
Al Salam Mosque
DIFC Grand Mosque

Mosques are a holy place in Islam where people can truly connect with almighty God. Since it is a divine sanctuary, architects take great care in making it look good by giving it a touch of Islamic designs. It is the sole reason why mosques in Dubai are some of the best tourist spots in the UAE. 

Even though there are a few places that you can visit such as Golf Club, Dubai Museum, Miracle Garden and so many more, nothing compares to a visit to these mosques to achieve spiritual satisfaction.

If you are planning to pay a visit to the artistic wonders of Dubai, you must add some of the biggest mosques to your list as well. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai which you wouldn’t want to miss out while you are there. 

Jumeirah Grand Mosque 

Jemirah Mosque Dubai
Jumeirah Grand Mosque has a traditional Fatimid architectural style.

Erected right in between the heart of the coastal area of Jumeirah, Jumeirah Mosque tops every list for the famous mosques in Dubai. What makes this mosque different from others is the traditional Fatimid architectural style especially built with white minarets and beautiful domes. This place is a magnificent spot for taking pictures as it represents an ancient Egypt structure which is why it welcomes people belonging to other sects as well during selective visiting hours. 

Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque 

Dubai Mosque
Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab is also commonly known as Blue Mosque Dubai.

The inscriptions in the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque are based on Ottoman which was inspired by the blue mosque in Istanbul which is why it is also commonly known as Blue Mosque Dubai. It is a huge mosque which has the capacity to accommodate almost 2000 worshipers. Located in the residential area of Al Safa, Al Farooq Omar ibn Al Khattab Mosque also welcomes Non-Muslims. 

Abdul Rahman Siddique Mosque 

Having the privilege of being the only mosque on Palm Jumeirah which is the largest man-made Island in the world, Abdul Rahman Siddique mosque is one of the most popular mosques in Dubai. This beautiful place was originally designed as an award-winning project based on the competition to build a mosque on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah. Not only does the mosque have a separate praying area for ladies, but also free meals are distributed amongst the worshipers after every Friday prayer. 

Al Salam Mosque 

Mosque in Dubai
It is known amongst the residents of Al Barsha because of the two minarets.

Located in Al Barsha, the multiple domes of this newly constructed mosque are arranged in a pyramid like design which attracts the lovers of architecture. It is known amongst the residents of Al Barsha because of the two minarets which are in no doubt a beautiful sight for the eye, not only this, the mosque also has extremely attractive stained glass windows which adds more life to this beautiful mosque. Moreover, it has a spacious parking area where all the visitors can easily park their vehicles. 

DIFC Grand Mosque 

DIFC Mosque
The magnificent mosque was designed under the supervision of the leading firm RMJM.

As the times have evolved, Dubai international financial centre (DIFC) which has always been well known as the major financial hub in the UAE has now also set its ground by building the DIFC Grand Mosque. The magnificent mosque was designed under the supervision of the leading firm RMJM. 

What makes this mosque stand out from the others is its Islamic architectural design of Mashrabiya which has been blended perfectly with the modern touch. Inspired by the Gate Avenue, this beautiful mosque with a cube shaped exterior has the capacity to accommodate 500 worshipers along with a separate space for women. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs 

Are Non-Muslims allowed to visit the mosques in Dubai?

Due to the mesmerising infrastructure and design, these mosques can be a source of attraction for Non-Muslims as well, which is why some of the mosques in Dubai allow non-Muslims to pay a visit. 

How many mosques are there in Dubai?

As per the last record taken, there are 1418 mosques in Dubai operating and open for worshipers. 

What is the dress code for people visiting a mosque in Dubai?

Every visitor is required to dress modestly which does not violate the Islamic values and morals for both men and women. 

Which is the oldest mosque in the Emirates?

The Al Badiyah mosque which is located in Dubai is the oldest mosque in the UAE which is still open to the worshipers till this date. 

That sums up our guide to the most beautiful mosques in Dubai. If you are a follower of ancient history and love to witness the aesthetic infrastructure, these mosques are the right place to visit. Moreover, you can also look forward to planning off which mosque in Dubai to visit this Eid. 

The guide does not just end here; here is a tourist guide to Dubai Heritage Sites for all the ancient site lovers. So stop waiting and start planning your trip to these beautiful and aesthetic sites. 

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