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All You Need to Know About Etihad Water and Electricity (EWE)

EWE focuses to provide eco-friendly electricity and water services

History on FEWA
Clearance Certificate
Service Activation of EWE Services
Bill Payment of EWE Utilities

Emirates Investment Authority acquired the ownership of FEWA on February 7th 2020.

The progress of making capital and the smooth process of water and electricity supply has led to the corporatisation of this authority. By the supply of EWE, around 3 million people within Abu Dhabi and Dubai will enjoy benefits. Under this umbrella, a huge expansion of FEWA new connections are also expected in the southern emirates of UAE. Negotiation with other emirates will be much easier with this structure.

Destined to upgrade its assets and supply chain, the huge Umm al Quwain desalination plant is a part of its enhancement. Etihad Water and Electricity (EWE) defines its strategies by the laws of nature and economics including consumer behaviour and balance of trade. EWE processes the data to further eliminate the waste of electricity and water by consumers.

History on Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA)

fewa new connection
FEWA was responsible for providing electricity and water in the Northern Emirates

In 1999 under the Federal Law No. 31 of 1999, Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) was established to carry out the duties assigned by the Ministry of Electricity and Water in achieving several objectives. Catering to the needs of electricity and potable water for the emiratis was one of its main ambitions. 

Most Used Services of EWE

EWE services
EWE has extended the services provided by FEWA
Credits: EWE (Official Google Play Store)

Necessities of life in the domain of Water and Electricity are overviewed by EWE. The organisation is asked to perform many sub-services. However, we take you to a brief guide of their most used services. They are;

  • Clearance Certificate
  • Service Activation
  • Bill Payment

We will discuss each of these updated service criteria touch up for the newly created EWE, which is still popularly known as FEWA. Let’s read ahead! 

Clearance Certificate

fewa bill check
Clearance certificate is issued after all the dues are paid

It is the most important certificate that justifies your connection to obtaining these utilities. Etihad WE issues this certificate once you plan to vacate the premises. The certificate states the clearance of all the dues of the holder.

Means of Application Submission

Through Service Centre

  • Go to the nearest service centre
  • Ask for the ‘Clearance Certificate Application Form’
  • Fill the form and submit at the reception
  • Pay the applicable fee

Note: Make sure to receive your certificate within 15 days.

Through E-Services

  • Login to your Etihad WE customer account,
  • From services bar click on the ‘Clearance Certificate’,
  • Select account,
  • Enter amount and required details,
  • After successful transaction you will receive 5-digit code, submit the code for verification,
  • A company representative will contact you soon,

Required Documents

  • Attested copy of Ownership Certificate / Lease Contract (if the application is submitted at the Centre)
  • Attested copy of the commercial license (in case of commercial or industrial accounts) 
  • Copy of the Emirates ID / personal identification document

Applicable Fee

  • Customer Happiness Centres: AED 50
  • E-services: Free

Service Activation

fewa services
Services are activated on request

It is termed as an application for the reconnection of supply lines. New lessee will submit the new application of ‘service activation’. When people choose to leave the UAE or shift to a new neighbourhood they ask for the deactivation of FEWA services. So the new resident submits a request for the restoration of the facilities by submitting ‘Service Activation’. 

Means of Application Submission

Through Service Centre

  • Go to the nearest service centre
  • Ask for the ‘Service Activation Application Form’
  • Fill the form and submit at the reception
  • Pay the applicable fee
  • Pay the Security deposit amount (refundable)

Note: Service will activate after 24 hours

Through E-Services

  • Login to your Etihad WE customer account,
  • Click option for ‘Apply for a new account’,
  • Fill all the required information of ‘Search Premise Identification’ carefully,
  • Fill Service Activation Form,
  • Verify your request through Email or SMS,

Note: You can track your application with the reference number allotted to you.

Required Documents

  • Land Ownership Certificate / Grant Certificate
  • Validated Land Plan
  • A letter from the municipality
  • Copy of Emirates ID

Applicable Fee

  • Customer Happiness Centres: AED 50
  • E-services: Free
  • In addition to the deposit

Bill Payment

fewa bill payment online
Bills can be paid through online means

Bill payment is the most important affair section at EWE. FEWA bill payment online was a very definite solution and easy for the people of UAE. EWE also provides post-paid services, similar to FEWA. Consumers first use the facilities and then pay for their dues. With the new electronic service mechanism at EWE, the traditional payment of bill method has transformed into a quick and easy one. EWE adopted the FEWA bill check wholly.

Means of Payment of Bill at EWE

Through Electronic Payment

  • Visit Website,
  • Enter View and Pay Bill,
  • Login to your account,
  • Enter Account details,
  • Enter Payment Amount,
  • Confirm transaction.

Note: You can also pay your bills through the EWE app. Guidelines are the same.

Through External Payment

Payments can be made through any bank.

Required Documents

  • Use a valid credit card and email address. (for online payments)

Here we shared with you a brief guide of the Most used services at Etihad Water and Electricity, previously known as Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA). For further information keep visiting Propertify!