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Visitor’s Guide to Dubai Museum


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Visiting Dubai Museum
Interesting Facts about the Museum
Tickets prices for visiting Museum
Timings for the Museum

Dubai boasts some of the most important architectural wonders in the world and it is mostly known for its luxuries and extravagance. So, it is completely natural to assume that the city is all about restaurants, spas, and relaxing spots. You might not know it yet, but the city offers wide-range options of history learning for explorers and historians such as the Dubai Museum.

The museum holds a display of the traditional heritage dating back to the history of tribesmen in Dubai. 

Paying a visit to the museum tells us how growth or progress is never a linear journey but rather it involves multiple dynamics and variables. 

Stick with us, and continue reading to uncover some important and interesting facts about the Museum in Dubai such as timings, ticket costs, exhibits, and more. Let’s begin! 

Things to Consider When Visiting Dubai Museum

Dubai museum is found near Al Fahidi Fort, it is commonly known as the National Museum of Dubai. Out of all various beautiful places in Dubai, it is one of the top-most attractions to explore.

People who visit the Museum in Dubai often find themselves in awe at the magnificent and powerful history of Dubai’s evolution from a fishing village to a modern metropolis. 

Surprising Facts about Museums in Dubai!

History of The Museum in Dubai

Al Fahidi Fort
Al Fahidi Fort is where Dubai Museum is located

Al Fahidi Fort, where the Dubai Museum is located, used to be one of the finest illustrations displaying a powerful monarch until 1896. 

The purpose of establishing the fort was to safeguard the entrances of the city. It served as a garrison, a weapon depot, and a jail. 

Later in 1971, Al Fahidi Fort was renovated into what we now know as Dubai Museum by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

Gallery of Museum

The Museum is a showcase of life-sized dioramas that represent everyday life in Dubai from history.

Traditional Arab homes, water fountains and stream scenes, historical mosques, date fruit farms, and desert life, are all depicted in the museum gallery. 

The entrance to the museum is guarded by two cannons, right at the tower on the south-western corner of the fort. 

Out of all the extraordinarily charming and incredibly traditional exhibits, you will find the exquisite old maps of Dubai displayed at the front of the museum gallery. 

Life-Size Dioramas

Arabic House
There are life-size dioramas in museum displaying traditional Arabic homes

A series of life-sized dioramas are portrayed in a separate section of the museum, unfolding comprehensive stories of ancient Arab houses, and mosques by illuminating the structures and way of life which has evolved into the modern-day UAE lifestyle. 

The Oasis Wing

Pearl Diving
Dubai Museum has a separate wing for showcasing Oasis view.

Since Dubai’s progress and development largely depend on the sea and its resources, therefore Museum’s gallery has a separate wing for it referred to as “The Oasis Wing”. 

The Dubai port bridges trading routes between Dubai and the rest of the world, while pearl diving and fishing network hugely impacts the present economy. 

The visitors have a deeply insightful view of the details of shipbuilding instructions, these ships are used by local fishermen and merchants. 

The Monuments Wing

Ancient Weapons
The Museum has a special exhibit for ancient weaponry like dagger knives and more

Artifacts and crafts always add lively experience to a place like a museum in Dubai. Ancient relics, weapons, tombs, and pottery are historical charms that leave visitors astonished and provide them with a lifetime experience.

The Museum in Dubai also displays life-size stores and merchants from 1950s old Dubai, you will be stunned by some of the most proficient ancient malls in the world. 

Multimedia Presentation

To depict the transformation stage from a tiny village city to a pearl farming hub to finally the modern-day Dubai cosmopolitan. The Museum has an incredible multimedia display in the museum’s basement area. 

Folklore Wing

Every city has age-old stories that are well-known. Similarly, there are ancient artefacts displayed as exhibits in the ancient gallery of the city, featuring age-old folklores. 

It is a must to visit the folklore wing of the museum, it has many culturally significant items on display. 

Ancient Dubai Fortification Wing

Another interesting and incredible segment of the museum is the fortification wing where you will find an array of weaponry from old times on display. 

Weapons like swords, arrows, axes, spears, shields, curved daggers, and pistols, etc. The major purpose for which these weapons were used was to defend the city from thieves and robbers.

Need a Ticket to Visit The Museum in Dubai?

Visitors take Fahidi and Ghubaiba bus stations to visit the museum and sometimes they also commute by Al Fahidi and Al Ghubaiba Metro stations. 

Tickets Prices

Dubai Museum ticket prices for adult visitors and adolescents are as follows: 

  • For adult visitors, the ticket price ranges at AED 3 per person 
  • For adolescents, the ticket costs AED 1 

Opening and Closing Hours

Dubai Museum timings are as follows: 

  • Saturday to Thursday 8:30 am to 8:30 pm 
  • Friday 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm 

Wrapping up, we hope that this information was helpful for you and please let us know if you want to know more about the history in Dubai or tourist destinations in UAE. 

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