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Volunteering Opportunities and Ramadan Charities in Dubai

Volunteering Opportunities and Ramadan Charities in Dubai

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Ramadan Charities in Dubai 2021
Beit Al Khair Society
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Ramadan is the month of kindness, good deeds, and spiritual awakening for Muslims around the world. While there are so many ways to show devotion and godliness, charity is the greatest virtue of all. We have rounded up the major Ramadan charities in Dubai 2021 where you can either donate or volunteer. 

Top Ramadan Charities in Dubai 2021

Charity is explained as aiding less fortunate people with food, drink, shelter, healthcare, clothes, or money. Before we indulge in the list of available charities in Dubai, always remember the true wealth is the good you do and not the capital you earn or spend. Every small act of kindness is in itself a charity. 

According to Islam, the sacred doctrine of Muslims, a charity has different types and can be referred to as ‘Sadqa’ as well, which means ‘righteousness’. Sadaqa is a form of charity that you can perform even when it is not the holy month of Ramadan, however, ‘Zakat’ is mandatory for anyone with the eligibility of paying Zakat as per Islamic criteria.

Al Noor Training Centre

Around this time of year, help us bring change for these children at Al Noor Training Centre!

This time during the Holy Month, create a difference in the lives of all the special children by donating to the Al Noor Training Centre. It is one of the charities in Dubai that takes responsibility for the special children. 

You can buy handcrafted gift items made by the students at the centre and it will make a huge difference to them. If you are interested in looking for these gift items, you can check out Al Noor’s Smiles N’ Stuff store and be ready to get surprised by interesting greeting cards and creative artworks crafted by these amazing children.

Your purchasing sales will positively impact the charity programme determined to help train more children with special needs in the future. You can also help the cause by simply volunteering at the centre, throughout the year there are orientation sessions held twice a week to help you better understand services you could offer from your valuable time.


Rations, Food, Grocery
This Ramadan, you can donate food, drinks, and medicines.

Every year when Ramadan approaches us, we find ourselves delving into religious teachings that are reminding us to reflect on the poverty-stricken sections of our society and their daily lives. In an effort to help the people who have devoted their lives towards the prosperity of Emirati development, Adopt-A-Camp is a charity centre focused on respecting the labour class of this society by reaching out to them with groceries, medicinal supplies, and other basic necessities.

With a good heart and intention, it is possible to make a huge difference in vulnerable parts of society. If you are willing to put your efforts into something meaningful this Ramadan, contact this charity-oriented organisation and learn more about the volunteering options available as per your time. Help others and be a beacon of hope to humanity.

Dubai Cares

Donation, Charities in Dubai
Education is a precious gift you could possibly give someone

One of the most important and dynamic charities in Dubai, ‘Dubai Cares’ was established and led by one and only, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The primary initiative of this charity has always been to convey an ascendable standard of education in order to introduce life skills to the children. 

The team is devoted enthusiastically to the betterment of the living ideals of children all around the globe by providing valuable academic services. You can reach out to help continue the goal of Dubai Cares by contacting them for any individual volunteering programmes, donations, or expanding their fundraising efforts with your time. 

Beit Al Khair Society

Ramadan charities in Dubai
It’s the little things we do, makes bigger changes. Raise funds and Donate!

Raising awareness and funds for the underclass families and communities by directing a massive Ramadan charity initiative in Dubai, has promoted Beit Al Khair to one of the highly regarded organisations in the UAE.

Based on the vision of their Rewarding Philanthropist Further campaign, they aspire to extend their charitable activities towards 25,000 families in need of it. Zakat Al Fitr and Farah are a few striking examples they have dedicated to allocating money for the children of the listed families, so that they can buy new clothes for Eid and have access to food as well. More such campaigns are run by this community committed to helping the poor ones during the Holy Month.

Charity platforms like these in Dubai create a space for more opportunities that you can avail and invest your efforts into learning about the challenging realities lived by some people. The purpose of this charity centre is to pledge respect for the Year of Zayed by building itself in the reflection of the ideals of giving, helping, and aiding the deserving ones.

Gulf For Good

raising the required money
Adventures are great, and what better way to raise donations?

For generous and kind individuals, there’s another opportunity waiting for the volunteers in Dubai. A charity organisation that aims to raise funds for multiple ranges of causes from founding hospitals and schools to providing basic necessities such as food and medical supplies to less fortunate folks across the world by arranging adventure competitions that people can take part in and help with raising the required money.

A few of these adventures include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking to the Everest Base Camp, following the Inca Trail, and more. We highly recommend this to you if you live for the thrill, or are fond of adventures. What better way to help the cause than to add adventure to your life? 

Ramadan Fridges

Charity centre
Help stock Ramadan Fridges and create a generous society.

Some of the simplest ways to help those in need are by offering them free food and water during this sacred time of the year. Started back in 2016, the Ramadan Sharing Fridges stepped its way by providing helping hands to those in need. A step instituted by the will of an Australian expat, Sumayyah Sayed who placed a fridge on her porch 5 years ago fully stocked with food and water that she freely offered to the needy ones. 

It is surprising to see that it has now become a massive community with nearly 30,000 Facebook followers. If you have been already looking for volunteering opportunities in Dubai during Ramadan, you can easily contact them and offer a fridge or submit funds for stocking the existing fridges with food and water supplies. For any details, you can send a message or email to the concerned authorities and surely their response will be quick and comprehensive.

When you intend to volunteer and help, eventually opportunities come running your way. In Dubai, there is no lack of charitable campaigns and organisations. If you follow the Emirates charity portal you will find an abundance of choices for yourself. You can donate or raise funds for free iftar in Dubai, it’s entirely possible to even contribute your ideas by contacting any of these reputable organisations. Make the most out of your time to collect blessings of the Holy Month. Helping with money is not the only option, check-in with the aforementioned charities in regards to volunteering opportunities that only require your time and dedication. For instance, volunteer work in Dubai hospitals is a good start!

We hope this information about Ramadan 2021 charity projects has been helpful to you in many ways and if you are hosting your first Ramadan in Dubai, go through our guide for Ramdan grocery shopping. For Iftar parties and festivals, you might be interested in the best restaurants available in the UAE

Ramadan Mubarak from all of us at Propertify!
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