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Plan your Trip to the Dubai Desert Safari

Plan your Trip to the Dubai Desert Safari

Types of Tours
Things to Expect
Dubai Safari Cost

Due to the endless tourist spots and attractive areas to explore, Dubai is well known as the tourist hub for thousands of people across the globe. There are plenty of famous places in Dubai, however, there is one spot which will always remain true to home – the Desert Safari in Dubai. From dune bashing and quad biking to sandboarding and camel rides, there is a lot that you can look forward to while enjoying the authentic Arab cuisine. 

The range of fun activities and adventures is wide spread which is why every famous safari company in Dubai offers a different Safari tour package. It is important that you plan out this exciting adventure well before going as there are plenty of options and various types of Dubai Safari tours which you can opt for. We are here with a comprehensive guide to how you can plan the most thrilling trip to Desert Safari in Dubai. 

Types of Desert Safari Tours 

Tour to desert safari
There are several types of Tour packages from which you can choose

Morning Desert Safari 

Most of the time, people prefer to go out on trips in the morning because of the busy schedule. Here you can have inexplicable 20 minutes of dune bashing along with an amazing camping journey where you can experience quad biking, camel rides, sand skiing, and much more. The packages vary according to the Desert Safari Dubai deals that you choose, most of the companies offer a 2-hour journey package. Nonetheless, Morning Desert Safari is best for the people not interested in dinners or camping. 

Evening Desert Safari 

Starting in the afternoon, Evening Desert Safari Dubai is the best option for those in search of an unforgettable experience. The trip would start by the afternoon at the camel farm, after which you would have a chance to experience the beautiful sunset with the camel ride and sandboarding. Not only this, you will also be offered mouthwatering barbecue and shisha all the while enjoying belly dancers performing to Arabic tunes along the campsite. 

Overnight Desert Safari 

Overnight desert trip
Underneath the sky, you would have ample time to enjoy during the overnight trip

Underneath the beautiful sky, you can explore the Arabian Desert by getting the Desert Safari Dubai Booking done beforehand. After a delicious dinner, you would have ample time to take part in various activities including dune bashing, camel rides, sand skiing and much more. You can also enjoy belly dancers performing on the dune while you make your way through an unforgettable night. 

Things to Expect During Desert Safari in Dubai 

Dune Bashing 

All the vehicles used in Desert Safari are approved by the government and have safety prerequisites. However, you need to keep in mind that it is also your responsibility to use all the safety features once you are in the vehicle. All the drivers working in Dune bashing are well-trained with a lot of experience so all you have to do is fasten up your seat belt, sit tight and enjoy the ride. 

Camel Riding 

Safari camel ride
Camel riding is quite famous amongst the visitors in Desert Safari

Known as the ship of a desert, camel riding is quite famous amongst the visitors. It is an activity which is included in almost all the packages that are offered by various companies for Desert Safari in Dubai. So if you are planning to visit this sand sea, you ought to sail along through the ship. 

Dinner and Dance 

Dinner buffet and dance
You can enjoy the delicious buffet while watching the belly dance performances on Arabic tunes

You can enjoy a delicious buffet dinner at the Desert Safari, the BBQ is served fresh and hot along with traditional sauces and flavoured shisha. In addition to all this, you will also be offered Arabic dates and hot beverages with the dinner. You can enjoy all of this while watching the belly dance performances on Arabic tunes by the highly skilled dancers in Desert Safari. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Over the sand dunes, you can also enjoy the exhilarating ride of the hot air balloon. This unique experience of the hot air balloon would bring along the most breathtaking sights of the majestic dunes in Dubai. The best part of this is that you would be able to witness the sunset over the beautiful desert amidst the sky. 

Other Fun Activities

The list of fun experiences awaiting you does not just end here, you can enjoy a lot of other activities including quad biking, skiing, camping, henna painting, sandboarding and much more. Every company offers a unique and exciting experience based on the package that you choose. 

Dubai Desert Safari Cost Per Person 

Cost for safari trip
The Dubai Desert Safari price varies in every tour operating company

The Dubai Desert Safari price varies in every tour operating company. All of them offer a variety of packages with different price ranges, you can choose the safari package that suits your needs the most. However, the average Desert Safari Dubai cost ranges somewhere between AED 60 and AED 2000. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything in specific we should try to avoid during our Desert Safari Trip?

Dune bashing could be a harsh activity for some individuals, which is why it is recommended that people who are prone to motion sickness, children and heart patients should avoid this.

Can we go on a trip to Desert Safari in Dubai with Kids?

Yes, Desert Safari is an adventurous place where kids in particular can enjoy sandboarding, camel riding and other fun activities along with their family.

What should we wear on a trip to Desert Safari in Dubai?

It is suggested that you wear comfortable and neutral clothes that are good for both cold and hot temperature.

That is pretty much it for what you need to know for an unforgettable trip to the Desert Safari in Dubai. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other tourist spots in Dubai where you can explore the heritage and beauty of Dubai. 

If you are a fan of wildlife, you might not want to miss out on the Dubai Safari Park while we are at it. Before we end, here is a tourist’s guide to Dubai for all the people wanting to explore this Emirate. 

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