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UAE Hospitality and Tourism Sector Gears Up for Expo 2021


Dubai braces itself to introduce the largest international event in the world as UAE’s hospitality district is all set for 2021. 

Hospitality and tourism experts have shown a promising outlook for the new year by predicting that after a safe recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the world will witness the Expo 2021 Dubai mega event. 

A global industry leader for tourism and hospitality at PwC, Nicolas Mayer said, “If by October 2021, the global pandemic situation will have further improved, which is a realistic scenario, then Expo 2020 will be one of the first and most important events globally to reconnect the world both digitally and physically.”

“Assuming that there will be a continued normalisation of the situation, then the start of Expo in October 2021 will have an additional catalyst effect, which will boost visitor arrivals to the UAE. This is particularly promising, as Expo will last six months, and thus will allow for a spreading of visitors over a larger period of time — which will allow to accommodate any social distancing requirements that will be considered necessary at that time.”

The sequence of the Expo 2020 mega event is optimal, he added. “An event spread over an extended period, over an extended area, and already supported by all those stakeholders that worked on it pre Covid-19. I believe it will be the seminal global event to kick off the post-pandemic tourism ecosystem, especially if participating countries and organisations will present content and experiences that allow the visitors to reflect on the shape of our world and their lives in the post-pandemic world.”

According to the data collection by TopHotelProjects, 2021 is beginning with an astonishing remark as 434 hotel projects and 81,792 rooms are expected to come online in January, internationally. The lead position is occupied by Europe on a region-by-region ground of 185 hotels and 31,814 rooms to follow. Coming next position is North America with 136 new properties and 23,742 keys. 22 projects and 6,401 keys by the Middle East are scheduled for boosting its hotel portfolio. Amongst everything, Dubai surfaces in the top five cities with six projects planned alone for this month. 

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