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Propertify is home to thousands of people looking to buy and rent properties, your property has a better chance of getting discovered by interested buyers and tenants from here than anywhere else. Listing your property on Propertify is quite simple and does not take long.

Searching for a property on Propertify is simple, just visit our homepage and in the search bar enter a location for your desired property. You can also narrow down your search by filtering your search by city, property type, area unit, prices, and keywords.

You can market your property with Propertify for as long as you wish.

You can share your property with your friends with the link of the property page on Propertify.
When you list a property on our site, make sure you provide all important details like the property address, number of rooms, price, area, amenities, and good photos.
You can contact an agency Propertify by filling in the contact form with your name, email, and message or on the number they have provided.
With your Propertify account you can:
  • Stay connected with latest property listings
  • Find a property for sale or rent
  • List a property for sale or rent
  • Save properties and projects that you like to view later
If you forget your password, during Sign in, click/tap on forget password and enter your email address. We will email you with a password reset link through which you can set a new password for your account.
You can sign up for our newsletter via email or download the Propertify app to stay connected with the latest property listings and happenings in the real estate world.
Yes, your property will be live on our site as soon as you submit it.
Propertify is completely free to use
Interested buyers or tenants will contact you on the contact details you provide on our site.
To list a property on Propertify:
  1. Sign in to your Propertify account.
  2. Click or Tap on the List Property button from the homepage
  3. Enter property details including features, pictures, amenities, and other details.
  4. Submit it once you are done.
  5. Your listing will be live as soon as our team is done reviewing it.
ProSeller can list unlimited properties on Propertify without any problems.
Yes, you have the freedom to contact as many agents as you like!
The best property location for you depends on a variety of factors including amenities, utilities, your budget, etc. Stay connected to our blogs to get more insight on how to make the right buying and renting decisions.
If you wish to know more details about a project on our site, go to the project and enter your email address with your name and query or call on the provided number. You will soon be contacted by someone on their team.
Handymen feature on Propertify is for Handyman including electricians, laborers, plumbers, carpenters, etc. If you are a Handyman, you can have your profile on our site and find work in no time. If you are looking for a Handyman, you can find them easily via the feature.
You can view hundreds of Handymen profiles on Propertify. Check their expertise, years of experience, and contact them on their contact details before making your decision.
You can rest assured that all Handyman profiles on Propertify are 100% genuine.
Propertify ProSeller is for brokers, builders, handymen, and traders. Through which they can sell or rent their products, services, or properties easily and make use of dozens of features.
Yes, you can absolutely trust Propertify ProSeller with your data. We make use of the best data security software to ensure that your data remains safe and secure.
You can monitor your agency and property analytics via this feature as well as keep track of your email and call count.
Through the Reporting feature, you can view your financial and property listing reports.perty analytics via this feature as well as keep track of your email and call count.
Absolutely! You can manage all your leads via the Rocket CRM feature on Propertify ProSeller.
Yes, you can download the Propertify ProSeller app from the Apple App Store and Play Store. Manage your property business on the go with the Propertify ProSeller app!
Propertify is quite simple to use and you will get the hang of it without any training by spending some time using it. For any queries, we are always here to help.
Propertify is quite simple to use and you will get the hang of it without any training by spending some time using it. For any queries, we are always here to help.
Yes, registration is absolutely free for Propertify ProSeller.
In your ProSeller portal, go to menu and tap/click on Billing and Plans, from there select pricing plans where you can choose from different pricing plans and upgrade to the one that you find best.
To change your name, password, email, profile picture, or contact number, go to Administration from the menu and then click/tap on My Profile where you will be able to modify and update your profile details.
No, there are not any costs for advertising your listings. It is absolutely free and fair!
No, there is no premium or featured listings. Propertify does 100% free and fair advertising for your listings all the way through.
For security reasons, we advise you not to disclose your account details to another person.
We always make useful upgrades to Propertify to make the experience of the portal more reliable for its users.
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