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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in the Suburbs

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in the Suburbs

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Perks of Suburban Living
Cons of Living in the Suburbs
Choosing the Right Option

Living in the suburbs isn’t for everyone, you have to be the kind of person who values the calm, secluded lifestyle of living on the outskirts of the city and whether you want to move to the West Midlands or just on the edge of Yorkshire, life in the suburbs can be an idyllic scenario for certain people and a nightmare for others.

In this blog, we’re going to be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of living in the UK suburbs, and this will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision on where you want to make your nest.

Perks of Suburban Living 

  • More Value for Money  
  • Better Air Quality 
  • Bigger Yard & Leisure Real Estate 
  • Relaxed Pace of Living 

If the above things sound good to you and feel like amenities you’d want in your dream home, then you might be just the person to get into the suburban lifestyle, now let’s discuss each of these advantages in further length and go through some important suburban community facts.

1. More Value for Money 

greater value and less cost
Cost of Living in the suburbs is Lower than living in city

Popularised by the American Culture, and now a widespread concept, the classic suburban home is almost always more value for money when compared to pricey real estate within the main city. This is due to the fact that there are more people living in densely populated urban areas and therefore the sparsely populated suburban districts have more affordable real estate options. 

So, if you’re looking for more rooms and bigger real estate, then living in the suburbs is definitely for you. 

2. Better Air Quality 

Perks of living in the suburbs
life in the suburbs can be an idyllic scenario for certain people and a nightmare for others.

Since you’re further away from all the roads and heaps of traffic that comes along with them, your suburban home is going to be far away from the toxic fumes and poor air quality of urban areas. 

Furthermore, since there is ample real estate in the suburbs you’re able to live more comfortably as opposed to the cramped flats living style of city folk. 

And thanks to the lack of human activity in the area, you’re more than likely to encounter wildlife and enjoy occasional stargazing right from your front door. Whereas if you were in the city, the only outdoor you have open to you are public parks. 

3. Bigger Yard & Leisure Real Estate

Bigger yard means more fun
Backyards can be extremely important for families with children

We are kind of using city life as the other extreme on the scale here. Anyways, when living in the city you can’t have a bustling family of over a dozen members and large pets all living together comfortably in urban centers such as flats and villas. 

If you have a household full of kids, pets, and adults – you don’t want to leave out the experience of having a backyard. 

Commonly, the houses that are large in size and have big backyards in a remote location will always be compared to smaller houses that are closer to the city. However, this is one of the most crucial factors you need to consider if you’re relocating because you have a growing family. 

Backyards can be extremely important for families with children since this space can easily be utilised to create a small outdoor play area with a swing set, a small pool, and a lot more! 

4. Relaxed Pace of Living 

everybody likes a relaxed paced life
you’ll be living so far apart from the city life that you’ll be free of the bustling traffic

Living in the city can be loud, too much hustle, and just generally unsettling for someone who’s looking for a peaceful place to live. If you’re one of those people, life in the suburbs is exactly what you need. Even with its multitudes of drawbacks, it is still an amazing option to live in if you’re the kind of person who values their personal space above everything else.

When you’re living in the serene surroundings of your suburban home, you’ll be living so far apart from the city life that you’ll be free of the bustling traffic, and the constant air and noise pollution that comes with it. It means you’ll be able to have all the backyard BBQ parties and outdoor family picnics directly from the comfort of your property.  

Cons of Living in the Suburbs

We know the suburbs may sound like an idyllic paradise to some of you, but we advise that you don’t make any decisions before carefully considering the other side of the coin, which is the significant compromises that come with living in suburbia: 

  1. Commute Troubles 
  2. Competition In the Job Market 
  3. Risk of Boredom 
  4. Excesses Space 

1. Commute Troubles

You will need your own car for transport
living in the suburbs can cost you significantly more in terms of transport

You’re far from the city, and as nice as that sounds you’re going to be facing a major problem and that’s commuting. Whether you need to go out to get groceries or have to go out to a party, you’ll need to hop into your car and drive or use public transport. 

So living in the suburbs can cost you significantly more in terms of transport, if you own a vehicle that comes in the form of maintenance costs and if you don’t you’re looking at a bunch of pounds going into public transport and ride-hailing, that’s why you keep this in mind before making any decision. 

2. Competition In the Job Market

jobs are going to be limited
living in the suburbs you’ll need to learn how to exist within a competitive job market

Because there are fewer people living in a certain area, that means the jobs available in the market are going to be limited. So if you’re in the middle of a career translation you will need to keep in mind the crucial factor that you’re going to be competing against a host of other people for the same opportunities. 

Regardless of what kind of occupation you have, if you’re living in the suburbs you’ll eventually need to learn how to exist within a competitive job market. To this end, you can take the help of job listing websites, re-design your CV according to your potential employer’s needs, participate in job fairs and take other steps to prepare yourself for the suburban job market. 

3. Risk of Boredom 

you could get bored
You could become bored of the lifestyle

Are you fond of the hustle and bustle, are you a little energetic and want to be part of a constant adventure? If the answer is yes, you might not like living in the suburbs after all. Everything in the suburbs is slow-paced and extremely peaceful – it’s easier to fall into a routine. This would make everyday life extremely boring and stagnant for people who enjoy the uncertainty and adventures. 

Life in the suburbs is extremely monotonous, but that isn’t living in the suburbs also requires extra effort for very little things. Something as simple as commuting, going to a restaurant, or having a nightlife would require extra time.  

4. Excess Space 

suburban lifestyle
if you don’t like to spend decorating your house then you will find it difficult to live in the suburbs.

A larger house can be the most profitable thing you will get when you move to the suburbs; but eventually, you will realize that you cannot simply fill that empty space, and as soon as you realize this all the excitement will end in no time. The reason you won’t be able to fill those spaces is that you will have your limited decorating materials and filling those huge spaces will cost you more. 

The only reason you might enjoy living in huge spaces is if you are that person who likes to spend their money decorating their house. And if you are not that person then you will find it difficult to live in the suburbs. 

Choosing the Right Option 

It solely depends on you to make the right decision for yourself, you have to decide what type of lifestyle are you comfortable in, keep in mind that it will impact your entire lifestyle. It will impact your traveling, the nightlife will be totally different compared to the fast-paced nightlife of the city. Whether you decide to live in the city, suburb, or any other rural area, your lifestyle is going to change so think this through and decide accordingly. You need to take into consideration that what may work for you may not work for your family members or your friends. 

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